Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Why watching porn is NOT wrong

Porn. Everyone knows what it's like. Everyone enjoys it. I mean, let's face it, no matter how much you resist all the moaning and kinky things happening on screen, you're bound to feel a little something.

In my opinion, watching porn is not wrong.
It's just watching people have sex. Or foreplay. That's it.
Why make a big deal out of it and judge the audience?
People know how it works. They know how it's done and they know what happens afterwards too. Why are people judged on admitting to watching porn? Whether they do it in real life is a different case. But what is wrong in watching? The videos, movies and photos have been made for people to see. Those seen on screen are willingly showing it off.
If the people being recorded while having sex have no objection, those watching it do not object to the content (why would they), why does anyone have to be judged?

Some might think gangbangs and threesomes, even gay porn is perverted. Again, those doing it are enjoying themselves, those watching definitely are. What is the damn problem when everyone's happy and horny?
Some are judged on being horny too, mostly teens. Mostly by their parents. I don't get that either. I mean, we do have hormones that make us horny. It's completely natural. If nature meant for things to be this way then why object?

People having sex after watching porn is a different topic of debate altogether. Every human being has a natural urge for intimacy. How they go about it is completely up to them.

The desire to have sex is not wrong either.

It's natural. The entire process is. If you feel guilty for wanting to have sex, you need to shake it off. People may have told you that's it's wrong to have such feelings but that's simply not true. 

Kids who watch porn need to know what the results are as well. Having sex is not just about the fun, it's about being responsible enough to handle the consequences as well.

Watching porn may be unproductive and pointless. But definitely not wrong.

Those who watch porn are just watching. People can't be judged for enjoying themselves. If you wanna; judge rapists, pervs who sexually abuse kids, molesters and many others whose urge turns into frenzy that proves to be fatal for others.

It is the people who misuse the info, the media, technology and so on.
Watching is not a sin. What's happening on screen is consentual. Using the same to harm others is one that can never be forgiven.

Porn is not wrong. It's the people.

-The Geek

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Life of an Indian teenager

Being an Indian teenager is hard. "Why?", you ask? Allow me to break it down for you :

We're forced to excel in every field. And by 'every field' I mean academics only. Being a good dancer, singer, artist, writer etc is unacceptable.
Infact daring to be creative is a sin.
 We are simply not allowed to follow our dreams. To Indian parents, the definition of having a 'good career' includes only being a doctor, engineer, lawyer or any other job with a mundane schedule that earns us enough money to move out of our parents' houses and let them live in peace.
And it's not only parents who pressurize us into making such boring career choices. It's relatives, neighbours, our parents' acquaintances, cousins we don't even know exist and the whole damn society.
Our life and achievements should be extravagant enough to allow our parents and our relatives and the entire neighbourhood to be bragging about to all the people they know. I have no idea why but we Indians have this habit of bragging about knowing or being related to successful people, even if we have nothing to do with their success.

Which is why, we are pressurized right from the beginning to be the best at everything. People will love you if you're an insufferable Know-It-All. Here, nerds get the highest appreciation. And "If you ain't a nerd, you ain't fit for survival, son." said the typical Indian Uncle.

So all we do is work our butts off and try to do something useful with our lives that the society and our parents approve of. We're told we can do whatever we want in life but that applies only to those things that our parents think are best for us. Our entire life is mapped out by our parents right from the beginning and their extremely high expectations and hopes are what fuel us throughout to be what everyone else wants us to be.
It's not that people don't ask what we want. They do, but no one appreciates change. Straying from the usual path taken by millions since ages is looked down on. And not everyone is liberal enough and happens to have a broad mindset. There's a reason we belong to different generations. They don't see the world the way we do and we don't exactly follow their ideas of life. The huge difference in perceptions and ideas has led to the writing of this post.

I know there are thousands of Indian teenagers out there who can't follow their hearts due to various reasons. And honestly, there isn't much that can be done about this. Situations like this don't come with a set of instructions and it's pretty hard to figure out what to do.
Standing at a crossroad where every single step has the ability to change your life forever is scary. And there's nothing braver than believing in yourself and simply marching forward on whatever path you choose, whether for yourself or for others, as long as you know it is the right thing to do.

-The Geek

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Not everybody is brave enough to make a bold move or take a stand. Being firm about our beliefs and opinions is what the strength of our character is all about. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be strong enough to stand up against everyone else and deny all that they want you to do. Not every person has the courage to stare the world straight in the eye and take what is rightfully theirs.
There are such people in everybody’s lives who would grab every chance they get to take them down. But it’s not just them. It’s everybody else too.

People will always try to detain you. No matter how hard you try or how much you resist, they will try their best to take you down. The question is, will you let them do so? Will you simply allow the world to snatch away what truly is yours? Will you then do exactly as they tell you? Will you function according to their will?

You can do that. Choice is yours.
You can choose to be a puppet for the rest of your life if that’s what you want.

You are nothing but a toy to them. We all are. Whose opinion matters most; the society or yours? Who is it going to be; you with them, you for them or you against them?

A decision needs to be made and time is running out.

We all have that strong will power somewhere deep within ourselves that can help us fight all of those people who never wished well for us. Some people realize that in time while others take forever.

We all have wings to help us fly. We just need to discover them.

-The Geek